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Bedrooms design

Bedrooms design

Create your own bedroom!

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We design and install Sensual Bedrooms for clients around the world. The process is simple:

1. Pre-installation: You send us a picture of your current bedroom, any health issues, and your personal goals, and we create a 3-D design that lets you imagine your new luxurious bedroom. The design includes detailed descriptions of all elements, including pricing.

2. Verification: Once you have confirmed your order, we send an Installation Manager to your home to double-check all measurements.

3. Product Manufacturing: From the hardness of the mattress to the colors in the room—each element of your Sensual Bedroom is customized for your unique needs. Products are handmade in France, Italy, and Sweden.

4. Installation: Our team of construction engineers, acoustical engineers, artisan builders, and designers install your dream bedroom. We manage the entire process so that every detail is perfect.

5. Maintenance: Our commitment continues after the installation. After one year, we will arrange a visit so we can clean and inspect the space, re-arrange furniture, and make any adjustments needed. For no additional charge.


What you tell us stays with us. We gather personal details, images, and other sensitive information only for the purpose of designing the perfect Sensual Bedroom. We do not share this information.


Each Sensual Bedroom is installed with a three-year warranty. During this period of three years you can change your bedroom design.

Design That Matters

We take a human-centered approach to design. Our environments have a highly hypnotic effect on us. They can alter our performance and mood, improve or hurt our physical and and families.

That’s why we go beyond what simply looks nice. We consider your needs and your lifestyle to ensure that your home is peaceful, relaxing, and intimate.

Our Sensual Bedrooms designs arouse your senses, awaken your passion with energy and enthusiasm, and spark the romantic fire.

A Personal Approach

As no two people are the same, no two Sensual Bedrooms are the same. Our designs consider a holistic view of your life to account for your role at work, interests, personality, and present and future quality-of- life goals.

We draw upon these elements to create a unique design that energizes you, promotes well-being, reduces noise, and cultivates intimacy in loving relationships. We tailor everything—from style and layout to furniture and curtains to lights, ceilings, and floors—according to your luxury lifestyle and personality.

The result is a one-of- a-kind bedroom for a one-of- a-kind client.

A Focus on You

Each bedroom is personalized according to your lifestyle. We copy nothing from previous projects, and we produce all products ourselves, so we can create the optimum design for you.

Our artisan craftsmen custom-build the mattress to match your health needs, as well as each piece of furniture, curtains, lamps, and other accessories. Colors are chosen specifically to encourage peace and relaxation.

At EsionHome, we feel you deserve the best. And we’re committed to delivering it.

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We believe that everyone can benefit from our Sensual Bedroom designs. 

Whether you desire an ultimate luxury remodel or simple, strategic changes, we will work closely with you on a perfect design for your needs.

Design That Takes Care of You

At EsionHome, we believe that beautiful, thoughtfully designed spaces improve the quality of life.

To that end, we focus on delivering three key benefits:

1. Improved Health: Our human-centered design approach goes beyond making a space beautiful. Our designs support greater mental and physical health by incorporating patented noise-reduction products, custom furniture, and a holistic, functional view of the space.

2. Relaxation: We create designs with the busy professional in mind. After a stressful day, our custom sanctuaries offer a respite where you can breathe, think, and re-charge for the next challenge. 

3. Creative Energy: Our clean and vibrant designs help you revitalize your senses, rejuvenate your spirit, and encourage a re-centering with your creativity and inspirations.

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We believe that everyone can benefit from our Sensual Bedroom designs.

Whether you desire an ultimate luxury remodel or simple, strategic changes, we will work closely with you on a perfect design for your needs.

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