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Want to Change your Habits? Change Your Environment.
Using Your Environment to Change Behavior

  • By designing for laziness, you can stop or reduce a behavior. For example, put bad snacks in garage on shelf that requires a ladder.
  • Want to floss every day? Best to not hide your floss in a cabinet, put it out in where it can’t be missed, such as by your toothbrush. Want to stop watching so much TV? Take the batteries out of your remote and put them in a kitchen drawer.
  • Want to keep your relationship? Best to not put pictures of your kids or grandmother in your bedroom, put it where it belongs - family room.

The examples could go on forever, but the lesson here is that instead of trying to force habits on yourself, spend effort on making good habits easy to engage in, and bad habits difficult to engage in.


Using Your Environment to Change Behavior

The solutions to life’s most stressful problems.




Esion built with you in mind

If you worry about your health?

If you worry about your relationship?

If you worry, how to keep a long-term relationship?

If you worry that living alone is dangerous to your health?

If you worry who is going to build your healthy home ?

If you worry about noise in your house?

If you worry about feeling stresses or irritated in your office?



Build with kids in mind

If you worry about your child health?

If you worry about spending no time with your kids? Who are your kids, their abilities? Not time to find out? Here you have it:



Build with pet in mind

Are you worry about your pet health?

Are you worry keeping your pets safe when firworks start?



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