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About EsionBaby

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For each EsionBABY product from idea, to product design, to product development down to each product we sell, we maintain alignment to our core values and principles and support the fundamental ideal of helping children discover their true talents in life and develop them into skills and careers they can share.


At EsionBABY we believe in the Fishing Rod approach to life.

An ancient proverb says, "If you give someone a fish, you feed them for a day; if you teach them how to fish, they will never be hungry again." Using this analogy, if we can unlock children’s potential at an early age by providing them with the best possible environment regardless of social background, economic status, geographical location and ability then we believe we can empower them to serve themselves and society better.


At EsionBABY we seek to partner with those who have a passion for something great.

Visit our foundation’s website at www.thefishingrod.org

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”Be Who You Are.  Be Yourself ”

Our customized, personalized bedroom designs help children develop and grow in the areas that they are most suited for by supporting their natural born interests. We start by identifying what your child’s interests are and what they are best suited for, then create designs for their bedroom that surround them with supportive and encouraging artwork to stimulate those choices and interests.

As we work with you, we will teach you practical, personalized techniques to increase your child’s natural-born talents and to motivate them to reach their full potential through the skillful use of strategically-placed items in their bedroom.

For example, for a child who expresses interest in becoming a doctor, we would encourage his or her interest by strategically-placing items there that would embody their interest in medicine. By creating a positive environment that supports their interests and hobbies, the child is able to develop the confidence and faith in their own choices.

As a Parent, you know that each child is unique. To identify what makes them unique, we use information revealed in their birth chart to encourage those natural tendencies. This approach is highly-effective in its use, no matter what the child’s age is. The sooner a young person receives encouragement, the faster they reach enlightenment in making choices that will work for them, including choosing the right schools and careers, and pursing activities that engage and challenge them to reach their full potential.


By supporting your child’s interests, you will help him or her grow toward becoming the person they want to be, while leaving them with happy memories of their childhood years.

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