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The meaning behind ‘Esion’

Esionizm ®
'Esion' is the word 'noise' backwards. Esionizm is a lifestyle of the 21st century focused on noise-free architecture by providing innovative noise reduction design & products & technology inspired by healthy, sensual style, Esionizm style is characterized by architecture and materials supporting silence, harmony directed at the senses, to create a noiseless environment for human comfort.

Our human centered design approach improves the quality of life for people, both in their own homes and in their outside communities.

Esionizm supports individuality, the uniqueness of personality.
Build with you in mind, Esionizm vision strengthens the impact of health by reducing noise.

Key Features: Noise-reducing green walls, interaction with exterior and exterior spaces. Noise-free bedrooms for children and adults. Noise reducing furniture & interior decoration. Noise reducing Power Nap Room for airports, hospitals, Noise reducing Power Nap Pillow. Noise Reducing Cage for pets.

Our story

Esion is an architectural and engineering company based in the Principality of Monaco. The company focuses on its own developed and patented noise absorption system, which is used in green walls, reducing noise up to 73dB.

We used two methods to cover the walls with plants that produce the most oxygen and artificial grass to protect drinking water.

Corporate Responsibility

We offer European products based on many years of experience and knowledge of our engineers. By using our products, you support exceptional professions, such as welding, and experts in building an ecological environment that is necessary in today's world. The lifetime knowledge of Esion experts is our greatest asset.

Innovative esion products create a quiet, green environment that supports health, security, social interaction, as well as a sense of pride and cultural identity and meets the needs of all citizens.

Product Innovation

Protecting people's health by creating a quiet environment.

A Healthy Esionizm Environment allows you to recharge, which improves decision making, increases productivity, and reduces unnecessary stress.

Want to know more? Look through our service offerings or check out the products we offer to both private and commercial clients.

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