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The Esion differentiate from other design + renovation experts by providing innovative noise reduction design + products.


About Edith Derlon


Known for her noise-reversing designs through Esionizm Architecture, Edith Derlon has more than 22 years of professional design expertise in behavioral architecture. Focused on more than just aesthetic beauty, Edith also seeks to create spaces that positively influence behavior—by positively influencing the thoughts and feelings of those who experience her architecture.

Derlon has worked on nearly 900 design and construction projects of all sizes in locations around the world, including New York, London, Dubai, Stockholm, and Monaco. She founded The Fishing Rod Foundation for Children (www.thefishingrod.org) to help children regain control over their lives.

Design Approach

Edith Derlon believes that architectural design can spark the highest potential for individual performance. A person is not separate from his or her environment. The environment shapes the person.

Derlon therefore seeks to optimize the environment to allow people to discover their innate talents.

To that end, Derlon also supports local craftsmanship. She believes that human hands can change the economy by providing meaningful work. No project—construction, furniture, pillows and crafts—can be made without human hands. Teams comprise humans, not machines.

This idea drives Derlon each day to creative innovative designs that bring out the power in each person.

Noise Reduction

Derlon is committed to advancing designs that help to reduce noise. Noise is a leading cause of stress and can negatively impact individual health.

The Esion architectural, construction engineers and design experts apply a holistic approach to architectural designs for work, home, and children’s spaces to reduce noise—improving relationships, health, sleep patterns, and lifestyle.


Derlon has long promoted the benefits of improving human performance through their home environment. Home is where all starts.

Each person has his or her own inner abilities, which during last decade have been pushed aside. Machines took over lives. Craftsmanship and individuality became invisible.

The human situation we face today is critical. Companies, economic markets, and even countries are falling. In a fast-running life, we can communicate faster and spend more time with our children. But do we do it? Do we build a better world?

Sadly, the answer is often no. Stress covers the faces of people all over the world. Divorce rates are rising. Health is deteriorating. 85% of people do not like their job. Finding a doctor you trust is getting harder. Finding a teacher that really supports your child can be even harder.

Change begins in the home. The home can be a source of inspiration and healthy development. It’s the place where a person forges his or her own individuality, personality, abilities, emotional intelligence, and approaches to relationships.

Giving Back

Derlon founded The Fishing Rod Foundation for Children (www.thefishingrod.org). The foundation stems from Derlon’s personal experiences working with children.

Working all over the world, Derlon has seen children placed in the most difficult situations, where adults use them for their own benefit—victims of enforced marriages, sex workers, orphans in war-turn areas, and other victims of crimes.

She has supported children who have been mentally and physically abused in Eastern Europe by helping to build supportive homes, donating household furniture, and providing the best lawyers to help win cases against abusers.

Based on the old adage, “Give a man a fish and he will feed himself for a day but teach a man to fish and he will feed himself for a lifetime”, The Fishing Rod Foundation helps children to regain control over their lives.

This important work recognizes that we all have and should use our unique gifts. When we do we can feed ourselves for a lifetime. For too many, their gift or innate talent remains a mystery. With a little effort and encouragement, it can be discovered in all of us and, ideally, as early as possible. When a child is supported to discover and nurture that ability from a young age they have the opportunity to be all they can be, to feel pride in their place in the world, and to make a positive contribution.

The foundation is committed to helping children discover their natural talents by giving them practical, hands-on activities, like gardening where they can get their hands dirty and then see the results.

Derlon plans to open a school to help children find their natural abilities.

Discovery Doors

Derlon’s humanitarian interests led her to design Discovery Doors—practical architecture and inspiring imagery to children develop their natural talents.

In her upcoming book, “Be Who You Are,” Derlon explains the methodology behind Discovery Doors.

The famous American scholar and mythologist Joseph Campbell once said, “Follow your bliss. If you follow your bliss, you put yourself on a kind of track that has been there all the while, waiting for you, and the life that you ought to be living is the one you are living. Wherever you are—if you are following your bliss, you are enjoying that refreshment, that life within you, all the time.”

Discovery Doors combine astrology with architecture to help children uncover their own bliss and create beautiful, creative and colourful designs that tap into that potential and help it to flourish.

Collaborating with renowned astrologist Jan Starza-Dzierzbicki, Derlon developed themes based on the predispositions and inclinations of the twelve birth signs of the zodiac.

This practical approach allows a parent and child to co-create a bedroom or playroom that is dedicated to uncovering talents. Using an intelligent design philosophy exclusive to children’s indoor spaces, Discovery Doors literally “open the door” to a child’s talents, personality and interests.

Within each child’s personal living space, Derlon designs multiple themed doors that lead to areas of child-friendly exploration. Examples include gardening, architecture, teaching, finance, journalism, archeology, art or medicine—just to name a few.

The goal is simple: to provide parents with a practical yet innovative way to help their children get on the path to self-discovery. In doing so, they can find and follow their bliss to happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

About Esion

Based in Monaco, Esion is a lifestyle company dedicated to noise-free design and noise-free construction. Esion Design focuses on restful, relaxing, intimate styles that connect couples and families in healthy, peaceful, luxurious environments free from noise and distractions. The interior bedroom and home designs are crafted with patented Esion materials such as windows, doors, ceilings and floors that filter out noise, contributing to calm, inspiring spaces. Esion specializes in unique designs for couples, families and for children and babies.

In addition to residential design, renovation and construction, Esion also provides noise pollution control and reduction techniques for the commercial industry. This includes walls, barriers and boxes to shield people from excess noise during construction, along with Esion’s patented noise-free materials for interior and exterior spaces and road surfaces.

Esion combines beauty, style and natural products along with the latest noise-free technologies to deliver intimate, restful, creative living and work spaces to individuals, families and commercial properties. 
Check out Esion design services and products tailored just for you to boost your energy.

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